When you first start looking to design a piece of jewellery it can be overwhelming. Our experienced team of amazing designers can guide you through the process of creating the perfect piece of jewellery, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, engagement or even just because…

With a background in design and fashion for over 30 years, our experienced craftsmen create elegant, wearable unique pieces with a sense of style.

The Experience…

At Bachini we take the time to guide you through the creative experience.

  • We will firstly consult with you to understand your requirements and with our experience, develop your design.
  • We then source the right stones and materials and with you, select the right match and finalise the design.
  • We then select the right craftsmen for each step of the jewellery creation process.

We want you to enjoy the experience and like a lot of our clients, be your personal jeweller.

For design consultation, please make an appointment by Contacting Us